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Communications & Change Manager

Dec 23, 2013

Program uOttawa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine ***PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT A BRUYÈRE CONTINUING CARE POSITION***
Status Full-Time, Day, 1.0 FTE
Compensation Level 10 Hiring salary range: $59,816 - $74,769, salary range maximum $82,245
Start Date Dec 23, 2013
Closing Date Jan 13, 2014


The Manager, Communications & Change is responsible for developing, implementing and managing a wide range of marketing, communications, public relations, branding and change management initiatives. The incumbent is responsible for the Department’s external and internal relations programs and for enhancing the visibility and maximizing the reputation of the Department through publications, publicity and promotions, advertising, online and social media. The incumbent is also responsible for developing several key departmental strategies, including the DFM Strategic Plan, the DFM Communications Strategy and the DFM Change Management Strategy and for facilitating the development and implementation of plans that support the strategies.


1. Strategic Plan:
Facilitates the development of the Department’s strategic plan by developing the process to be used to gather and prioritize input draft the plan and revise based on feedback. Plans include input from key stakeholders and meaningful metrics of success. The strategies will increase visibility, enhance the public profile and position the Department as the National leader in Family Medicine.

2. Communications Strategy: Develops, revises and updates the DFM communications strategy. This document will align with the DFM’s strategic plan and guide the communication and marketing efforts undertaken within the DFM. The manager will design a process that will involve and assist faculty and administrative staff in defining their communication requirements. The strategy will analyze options and approaches, and recommend the most effective mean to meet those requirements.

3. Change Management: Develops an overall change management strategy for the DFM and provides expert advice and guidance to faculty and administrative staff in the DFM on how to develop and implement change plans to support the organization, operations or programs.

4. Social / New Media Plan: Plans, develops and oversees the implementation of activities and/ or content to promote the DFM’s online presence using social media tools. This includes website content strategies, a social media footprint and other means to broaden DFM’s reputation to online audiences. Works closely with website contributors and technical staff to ensure effective and timely addition of content to DFM’s website; ensures quality and consistency with University of Ottawa or the Faculty of Medicine’s policies and standards. Ensures the DFM website is compliant in areas of bilingualism and accessibility.

5. Marketing and Promotions: Develops persuasive marketing plans according to the DFM’s Strategic Plan and overall Communications Strategy. Drafts and directs the development of an annual marketing plan for the DFM’s programs, publications and website for the purpose of targeting and engaging prospective and current students, residents, faculty and staff. Proactively seeks promotional opportunities to enhance the DFM’s image and or programs. Monitors results on a regular basis and adjusts plans accordingly.

6. Media relations: Manages reactive and proactive media relations for DFM events, initiatives, news and promotion. Directs the production of media releases, speeches and briefing notes. Responds to media inquiries and requests for information or interviews. Seeks opportunities to garner media attention for the DFM’s programs and/or faculty.

7. Communications collateral and tools development: Plans and oversees the creation of print, online and audio/visual marketing materials and other key communication resources including copy text, graphic design, translation and delivery. Ensures that the DFM’s messaging and content across all communication channels are effective and consistent, increasing the impact and quality of the DFM’s communications. Plans, coordinates and produces the DFM’s annual report. Ensures all external and most internal communication is available in both English and French.

8. Event Planning and Management: Directs, manages and evaluates corporate events to support branding, program, profile or recognition targets. Develops and ensures the use of project management techniques to prepare detailed schedules and budgets, identifying critical dates and deadlines to ensure that events are managed on time and within an approved budget.

9. Internal Communications: Develops communication channels, activities and collateral geared towards building employee engagement and keeping staff informed on all DFM activities so that they can become effective champions and ambassadors of the DFM. Directs the content development for the staff’s intranet site.

10. Supervision and Performance Management: Supervises the daily tasks of the Webmaster, Communication Officer and Translator for the implementation and execution of the strategic plan, communications strategy and change management strategies and plans. Participates in the recruitment of staff, implements the DFM’s annual performance management program, reviews and approves individual work plans, coaches and mentors staff, recognizes staff successes and develops plans to address challenges, encourages collaboration, fosters synergy and creates a work environment that allows for maximum teamwork and collaboration.

11. Financial Management: Develops, oversees and monitors the budgets required to the support the DFM communication and change management activities.

12. Stakeholder Relations: Builds strong and fulfilling relationships for DFM faculty members and staff to develop programs, activities and collateral that meet the needs of all internal stakeholders and ensure message alignment with the strategy plan and organizational objectives. Provides strategic communication advice to all DFM Directors, Managers, the Chair and COO. Works in collaboration with the Faculty and University to ensure alignment of priorities, messaging and branding.


Bilingualism-French and English (oral and written)


  • Sound theoretical and practical knowledge of communications, project/program management, strategic planning, change management and communication skills normally acquired through a post-secondary degree in management or communications (or related program) and a minimum of seven years of experience in the field.
  • Experience in managing multiple programs with competing priorities while demonstrating strong decision making skills, good judgment, discretion and tact.
  • A high level of organization, interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written), in both French and English are necessary to develop, plan and coordinate a complex set of activities and oversee the work of the team.
  • Demonstrated leadership and success in the organization of special events and logistics.
  • Experience in the development of print, online and interactive materials.
  • Experience with website content management and online marketing tools and strategies.
  • Ability to exercise considerable independence and initiative in decision making and performance of responsibilities, and to establish work priorities for the team that will meet the Department’s activities, goals and objectives.
  • Ability to analyze documents and interpret their meaning to apply appropriate rules and procedures and develop messages that support the mission and vision of the Department.
  • Excellent knowledge of budgeting and financial management strategies and practices to ensure budgets are set to meet program needs and are implemented according to the DFM’s financial management policies and procedures.
  • Strong team player who works well under pressure with good judgment, effective time management, good organizational skills, ability to generate creative and innovative solutions to complex challenges and the ability to meet firm deadlines.
  • Experience using computer systems and software used in an office environment (Word, Power Point, Excel, Visio, e-mail and Internet) as well as knowledge of photography, video, editing, layout and design, website.
  • Experience in overseeing the development and implementation of policies and procedures required to support the mandate of the team (includes review of existing and developing new).



Interested applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to Andrea Rawley via Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, however, candidates are encouraged to apply by January 13, 2014.


Please send a recent resume and a cover letter to

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