Bruyère offers what patients need
and deserve

Our Foundress, Mother Élisabeth Bruyère, worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community, and just like her, everyone who works here today knows we must care for the whole person—mind, body and spirit.


Kirby Kranabetter My name is Kirby Kranabetter and my job as Director of Mission Effectiveness allows me the chance to give back and contribute that same compassionate care Bruyère has always been known for.


At the young age of 23, I was in a devastating diving accident that severely injured my spinal cord. As you can imagine, this was life-changing. I went from an independent young adult, to suddenly being dependent on someone to feed me, dress me, toilet me. I personally felt diminished because I had lost so much.  


It took a long time to feel myself again. I’m still quadriplegic but enjoy a full-filling work and family life. My experience gives me a unique perspective for my work at Bruyère. I do face challenges every day as so do the patients and families who rely on Bruyère.


With you by our side, many of those challenges can be overcome.


Together let’s help Bruyère continue to look to the future with a focus on seniors’ care, rehabilitation, memory care, palliative care and research.