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alan Wainwright, bald man wearing glasses sitting at a table

Alan Wainwright—the voice of patients and their family


Alan is a member of the Saint-Vincent Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Committee. He also serves as a community member on the Bruyère Continuing Care board of directors.



Alan’s wife is affected by a long-standing chronic illness. A few years ago, her condition deteriorated and she was admitted to Saint-Vincent Hospital. For him, the hospital has become an important part of his social life. The more time he spends in the establishment, the more he becomes involved, which allows him to advocate for his wife’s care.

It felt natural for Alan to join the Patient and Family Advisory Committee. Composed of former patients, current patients and family members, the committee is a vehicle that allows Saint-Vincent Hospital’s population to voice their concerns and share their insights.

As the largest centre of its kind in the Champlain region, Bruyère is a complex and highly regulated organization. Because we aim to include patients in their care, the board makes a point of including community members at their table. This allows them to connect more directly with patients and their family.

When the opportunity came up to join the board, Alan submitted his candidacy and was selected to represent the interests of patients and families. "You feel like you have a significant role in what Bruyère wants to accomplish,” says Alan. “We can all make a difference, but I think it's this representativeness that makes me feel privileged to be in this role, and I'm happy to do it.”