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Bruyère Receives Award in Innovation from CAN Health


Today, Bruyère is pleased to accept the CAN Health Network’s Disrupter of the Year Award.

The Disruptor of the Year Award recognizes health care operators who championed CAN Health’s mission of breaking down traditional barriers, helping Canadian companies introduce innovative solutions across the country.

Bruyère was praised for being a thought-leader in the health care sector and commended for actively challenging the status quo through transformational tools and innovative solutions.

In 2020, as a member of the CAN Health network, Bruyère partnered with CANImmunize, adopting their technology to simplify the complexity of running flu vaccination clinics.

CANImmunize Inc. is a software start-up company that developed a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system for Canadians to keep track of their vaccinations through a mobile app and web-based portal.

Immunization clinics are still traditionally paper-based, but CANImmunize’s solution allowed employees to digitally book flu shot appointments, complete consent forms and keep records of immunizations. In parallel, administrators documented vaccination and dose details digitally, and were able to send the information directly to Bruyère’s occupational health and safety team, saving time and labour costs.


“Bruyère is a perfect example of the type of transformative change CAN Health is trying to affect throughout the larger health care landscape in Canada,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Chair and Lead of the CAN Health Network. “We are very proud to honour Bruyère for its commitment to questioning and pushing back against conventional thinking to bring innovative health care technologies to Canadians.”

“This award is a testament to the potential of CAN Health’s model. It enabled us to test and enhance our product through collaboration,” said Dr. Kumanan Wilson, CEO, CANImmunize. “Working directly with a healthcare organization allowed us to ensure our product was piloted in the real world, which led to the procurement that ultimately scaled our company.”

“We are grateful to receive this award, and to CAN Health and the people at Bruyère who supported our early adoption of this innovative solution,” said Guy Chartrand, President and CEO of Bruyère. “Testing the technology in real time and enhancing the vaccination experience for our staff shows the impact we can have when Canadian innovators partner with institutions like Bruyère.”

Working with CAN Health to implement CANImmunize tools is just one example of Bruyère’s ongoing work to use innovation and technology to address challenges patients, residents and staff face every day. Bruyère’s commitment to innovation is embedded in its dedication to partnerships like this, as they carry the lessons learned to the innovative projects of the future.

To learn more about innovation at Bruyère, visit www.Bruyèreinnovation.ca.

The CAN Health Network is a Canada-first approach to technology adoption. It helps break down barriers to scaling in the health care system and provides an environment for companies to scale to their full potential. Currently operating in Ontario, Western and Atlantic Canada, the CAN Health Network plans to expand into Quebec and the North. The Network has received $6.75 million from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), $3.5 million from PrairiesCan and PacifiCan, and most recently, $2.2 million from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to build a national platform that harnesses the purchasing power of healthcare organizations. To learn more about the CAN Health Network, visit canhealthnetwork.ca.

CANImmunize is a technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize platform, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system that helps Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal as well as software to help with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and proof-of-vaccination. The team offers digital solutions to businesses, health care organizations and governments for vaccinations and tracking, including solutions for workplaces.

Through the people it serves, the specialized care it provides and the research it conducts, Bruyère plays a critical role in the Ottawa region’s health care system. It offers a wide range of services in the community, from hospital programs to long term and primary care, and supportive and independent living for seniors and vulnerable populations. In addition, Bruyère is transforming care through strengths in research, education, collaboration, and innovation.