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2 senior couples smilling with a flower in hand

Valentine’s Day at Bruyère


Valentine’s Day is recognized as an annual celebration of romance and love in many regions around the world. At Bruyère, this celebration is an opportunity for us to connect with legacy of our foundress, Mother Élisabeth Bruyère. Mother Bruyère was a woman with a warm and compassionate heart. Her commitment to relationship and community building were principles that guided creation of the networks and institutions that are part of Ottawa today.

Our Bruyère Village offers the space for couples to grow old together. We cater to the needs of patients so that they can spend more time focused on what truly matters — their relationships. Our goal is to create an environment where couples at Bruyère are comfortable enough to evolve with their relationship. At Bruyère, we understand that it is not our passion that loses its strength as we age. For it instead becomes easier for that passion to tear through the once hardened exterior of the body and reveal itself in its truest form. It is in our frailty that we are more honest and can therefore build strong relationships. For this reason, we think it is important to cater our services to the emotional reality of our patients, residents, and tenants. And we love that we promote love.

Here are two couples who are tenants at the Bruyère Village and who testify to the long life of their love story.

Meet Clyde and Lynn Miller. They've been married for 63 years and they met on a blind date on Valentine's Day.

a senior couple smilling

Meet Rob and Joyce Smith. They will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary next summer.

a senior couiple smilling

Mother Bruyère’s mission of love, service and compassion lives on at Bruyère. Happy Valentine’s Day!