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Claire Kendall, James Downar, Kumanan Wilson, Peter Tanuseputro, Doug Manuel

Bruyère investigators named uOttawa Clinical Research Chairs


The Bruyère Research Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of five of its investigators as Clinical Research Chairs at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine.

From digital health to palliative and integrated care, these five clinicians are working to improve care for aging and vulnerable populations across the country and around the world. These appointments are part of the University of Ottawa most recent $40 million investment in 58 clinical research chairs.

  • Dr. James Downar, Tier 2 Chair in Palliative and End of Life Care, is investigating how severe suffering is treated for those at end of life, and how palliative care is integrated in the critical care setting.
  • Dr. Claire Kendall, Tier 2 Chair in Strengthening Primary Care for Integrated Health Equity, is focused on access to and use of primary care services by vulnerable populations.
  • Dr. Doug Manuel, Tier 1 Chair in Precision Medicine for Chronic Disease Prevention, works on health equity and disease prevention with over 15 years of experience in using health administrative data in research.
  • Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Tier 2 Chair in Palliative Care and Predictive Analytics, is a perfect example of how using big data and digital health technologies are advancing the field of palliative care by personalizing care for those at end of life.
  • Dr. Kumanan Wilson, Tier 1 Chair in Digital Health Innovation, will further employ technology, big data, and innovation into healthcare with his research chair. His work has already led to Canada’s nationwide immunization record app, CANImmunize, and many other mobile health initiatives.
“We extend our warmest congratulations to our Bruyère investigators on their appointments,” said Guy Chartrand, President and CEO of Bruyère. “The innovative work conducted by these clinicians plays a critical role in carrying out our mission at Bruyère. As an academic hospital, we understand that research leads to better outcomes for patients, transforming healthcare delivery in the process.”

Bruyère has been formally affiliated with the University of Ottawa since 2002, a partnership that seen a wealth success stories over the years, advancing local, national, and global research in healthcare. Best known for its work in geriatrics, rehabilitation, and palliative care, Bruyère has been rapidly gaining traction as an innovation hub in the healthcare sector.

“We’re extremely pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Faculty of Medicine to create additional research capacity and build on our strengths,” said Heidi Sveistrup, Vice-President of Research at Bruyère. “These investigators are contributing to care through their clinical practice while also driving research that changes how medicine is practiced across the country.”

The number of successful chair applications is a great milestone for Bruyère as it continues to advance research-driven practice and transform care.