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Masking update for our specialized hospitals


Tomorrow, Thursday, May 25, Bruyère will be updating our masking practices in our hospitals.

The changes to masking practices we have already made have been successful, and our COVID indicators continue to improve.

Because of this, masks will be optional in Bruyère hospitals starting tomorrow, except in certain cases, like when patients are on precautions because of symptoms or in therapy rooms.

Removing universal masking will help us improve communication and our ability to make personal connections.

However, for us, providing compassionate care means wearing a mask when patients or loved ones request it.

Bruyère campuses continue to be mask friendly environments, and masks will continue to be available at our entrances and on the units. We each have our own factors to consider when putting on a mask, and staff, visitors, and patients are all welcome to continue wearing a mask as a standard practice if they want to.

As always, we will continue monitoring COVID indicators and will adapt our practices accordingly in accordance with our local health authority and provincial guidelines.