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2 woman, 2 men and a men in a wheelchair posing beside a serving tray

Mission Week at Bruyère!


Each year, we celebrate mission week and take time to thank staff, physicians, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Bruyère’s mission, vision, and values.

Bruyère’s mission is inspired by our foundress, Mother Bruyère, who arrived in Bytown in the mid-1800s and established some of Ottawa’s important social infrastructure. Her mission of love, service and compassion began then and continues to this day at Bruyère.

Throughout the week, members of Bruyère’s Mission Effectiveness Committee distributed coffee, tea, and gifts, as tokens of appreciation. Staff were also invited to complete an online survey to provide input on our mission, vision and strategic directions as part of the development of a new strategic plan for the organization.
Thanks to the information that employees provided, we can start building a strong future for Bruyère.

We send a big thank you to all who helped organize this year’s mission week activities.
Happy Mission Week 2019!