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Peggy Taillon, Dr David Ponka and Claude Chapdelaine posing with a portable xray device and a tablet in their hands

How one patient’s generosity improves care for many


On Feb. 6, the employees at the Bruyère Family Medicine Center held a recognition ceremony to thank Mrs. Claude Chapdelaine for her generous donation. Mrs. Chapdelaine donated money for the purchase of a point of care ultrasound machine that will be used to provide musculoskeletal care to patients at the clinic. This machine is an addition to the more sophisticated ultrasound equipment owned by the hospital. It will be used to guide joint injections and identify the need for more extensive ultrasound testing. It will also be a useful diagnostic tool during home visits. The machine is paired with an electronic tablet, making it possible to update the tablet’s software and therefore lengthening the machine’s life span as technology progresses.

Mrs. Chapdelaine was undergoing some tests in the lab when she noticed a small plaque above the examination table that indicated the table had been donated by someone. She immediately realized that it was possible to donate to Bruyère. She spoke to her care team as she wanted to donate equipment that would help them with their work—in recognition for the excellent care she received. Not only will the machine facilitate the work of the physicians, but it will also greatly benefit patients. It may help some of them avoid unnecessary procedures or emergency room visits due to the fact that it provides instant results.

“Giving back to my community is very important. When we have the means to do it, donating goes a long way. Giving back is an important part of life,” says Mrs. Chapdelaine. A plaque acknowledging her gift will be installed on the clinic’s wall.

At some point, we and/or someone we love will need Bruyère. We invite you to join us in making a life-changing difference in our community’s health care.