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Open Letter to Bruyère Investigators, Staff, and Leadership


We did it again and we owe it all to you!!!

This marks another year that Bruyère is proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals.

Being a research hospital requires an incredible contribution from so many of our people, and as we continued to face the effects of the pandemic this past year, it has been humbling to see how many people across our organization have continued to be a part of advancing care through research and innovation.

As an academic health sciences hospital, it is an honour for Bruyère to be ranked among so many other hospitals who demonstrate that same dedication to transforming the health care sector.

I want to give thanks to everyone whose commitment and hard work made this possible and has allowed us to improve care at Bruyère and beyond. Our investigators and research teams at the Bruyère Research Institute are critical, as are the many staff and physicians at Bruyère who support the applied research we do.

We are fortunate to have a leadership that continuously support our research as it is implemented, scaled, and spread throughout Bruyère. In addition, Bruyère has ranked seventh for researcher intensity and eighth place in hospital intensity among small hospitals, reflecting our organization’s investment in research and innovation, as well as our leadership’s commitment to addressing health challenges.

As grateful as we are for everyone working at Bruyère and the Research Institute, I want to express thanks to all the patients, families, care partners, and loved ones who we serve – without their participation and support, we would not be able to move research forward in a way that can truly make a difference and impact care.

Health research is an ongoing cycle as we navigate challenges and continue to support Canadians to reach their greatest potential for health through best evidence and practice. The investment in research touches all levels of our organization, and I could not be more grateful for the dedication and contribution each person gives to make research possible at Bruyère.

Heidi Sveistrup
CEO, Bruyère Research Institute
VP Research and Academic Affairs, Bruyère