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A oy and a girl in their 20 holding hand, both are in a wheelchair

Bound by the same destiny and determination


Friendship can blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances. Dylan White, 22, and Danica Tofflemire, 21, have an undeniable bond that has been forged from tragedy. Both suffered terrible accidents causing brain injuries.

Two years ago, Danica and her father, Troy Tofflemire, were involved in a fatal crash on highway 17. The father died at the scene, and Danica suffered multiple bodily and brain injuries. The doctors prepared Danica’s mother, Cheryl Tofflemire, for her daughter’s possible vegetative state. There were no expectations of her being able to talk, walk or eat on her own. Danica has been working hard at Saint Vincent Hospital for over a year and is showing incredible progress. She started speaking a few weeks ago, even singing along with her mother. She has also regained some muscle strength. Her journey to recovery is far from over, but her progress is remarkable.

Dylan White suffered his injuries due to a 60-foot fall from a grain elevator in 2015. He fractured multiple bones and sustained brain damage. His determination paid off when he was able to walk out of Saint Vincent Hospital to continue his recovery at home. He is now using his determination to help people like Danica. The pair understands that they have to work hard in order to get better, and they help gather strength from each other to do so.

This year, the annual Ride for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) will be in Danica’s honour. It was partly Dylan’s idea that the ride be dedicated to her in 2018. This year’s ride will therefore be named “Danica’s Journey”. It is both for her and to raise money and awareness for ABI. The money raised during the ride will help Danica’s mother offset expenses for a vehicle and necessary adaptations in their home.

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