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Designated care partner program 


At Bruyère, we recognize the important role family members and loved ones play in the health and well-being of our patients and residents.


The creation of the Designated Care Partner program was made possible with the help and guidance of the Change Foundation and the Ontario Caregiver Organization's Partners in Care Toolkit.  


What are Designated Care Partners?

Loved ones and patient hands holding each other over a hospital blanket

Designated Care Partners are family, friends, or loved ones of patients and residents who provide critical and ongoing personal, social, psychological, emotional and physical support to patients and residents.

These individuals provide care, for patients and residents in need of support due to frailty, illness, chronic illness, disability, or end of life circumstances.

Designated Care Partners are considered an integral part of the care team and can enter our campuses at all times – including during an outbreak (subject to Public Health or Ministry of Long-Term Care orders).

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Designated Care Partner?

A Designated Care Partner’s role may include:

    • Supporting a patient or resident’s physical care, mental and emotional well-being;
    • Providing assistance with meals, mobility or personal care;
    • Providing communication assistance with hearing, visual, speech, cognitive, intellectual or memory impairment;
    • Assisting persons with disabilities;
    • Supporting decision making; and
    • Supporting discharge and discharge planning after an inpatient stay.



How are Designated Care Partners selected?

Patients/residents or their substitute decision maker can determine who they would like to designate as their Designated Care Partner. This can include a substitute decision maker, a loved one, a friend, or other support person of the patient’s or resident’s choosing.

Designated Care Partners must be 18 years of age and older and commit to acting in the role for a minimum of five hours per week.

These individuals must respect all public health orders and personal protective equipment requirements on our campuses in order to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Designated Care Partners are required to complete an orientation and training session prior to beginning their role.

How do I become a Designated Care Partner?

Please contact DCP@bruyere.org or call 613-562-6262, extension 6364 to inquire about the Designated Care Partner program on our campuses.


For the Designated Care Partner program at Greystone Village Retirement, please contact Angela Bellantoni at abellantoni@bayshore.ca or 613-787-8251.