Facilities and Services

Bruyère provides an arrangement of facilities and services that can help make your placement here a success. 


Map of Bruyere locations 




You can buy a weekly pass through Accounts Receivable on the first floor of ÉBH (Room 140‐J, 0800‐1600 Monday to Friday) or the first floor at SVH (Room 1411, 08:00-16:00 Monday to Friday). To see parking rates and locations, click here.

Food Services

Each of our locations are within close proximity to a selection of food options, including popular restaurant brands and cafes. Attractive boutiques are centrally located on the ground floor at each site. The boutiques offer an assortment of healthy foods and beverages, magazines and newspapers, gifts and gift bags, cards, books, candy, flowers, toiletries, stamps, lottery, calling cards dry cleaning services and much more. The St-Vincent location has a cafeteria that provides a range of food options.