An online marketplace for in-kind giving and charity friendly shopping.

GiveShop is a new online marketplace that makes it easy for GiveShop and Bruyere Cobranded button. Click here to visit our new GiveShop Marketplace and turn second-hand items into cash donations for us!Canadians to raise funds for charity simply by donating and buying gently used items. The marketplace is similar to Kijiji, however all sale proceeds from any item sold are donated directly to a charity of your choosing. Now more than ever charities across Canada need our support and we can all help through the GiveShop app.

By downloading the free GiveShop app, donors can easily post items they wish to donate while buyers can shop and filter by category or charity.

Charities receive the proceeds of items sold on the marketplace. Donors receive a tax receipt. Buyers can make purchases knowing they are supporting a great cause! And we all help the environment by repurposing items that may otherwise end up in a landfill or our basements and storage units gathering dust! A true win-win-win-win situation!



How it works:


  1. Donor posts an item they wish to donate by taking a photo, selecting a beneficiary charity and setting the price
  2. Buyers search the GiveShop product listing by merchandise category or charity.
  3. Once a donor and buyer agree on a price, they communicate via the app to arrange a meeting time
  4. Donor and buyer meet to exchange item. Buyer pays by credit card using the GiveShop App.
  5. GiveShop remits the sale proceeds to the donor's charity of choice and donor receives a tax receipt for the sale amount.

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