Message from the President

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy, happy and enjoying all the wonderful opportunities that a new year brings.

As I reflect on this past year, I think about all of the lives that have touched me and my family. I also think about all of the people who we have had President and CEO Guy Chartrandthe honour of serving here at Bruyère. I say we, because together,you as our generous donor, along with our dedicated care teams, physicians, volunteers —every one of us,is making a difference for so many people who need our services at Bruyère.

And to you, we are especially grateful!

We know you are presented with countless opportunities to support important organizations and causes within our region, across the country and/or internationally. We want you to know that we truly appreciate your attention and your support.

As you may know, Bruyère is many things to our community; we are a hospital, a provider of residential services, including long term care, and we provide a wide range of community based outpatient services such as:


  • Geriatric Day Hospital
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Photoderm and Dermatology Clinics 
  • Brain and Memory Program
  • Stroke Rehabilitation



We are here to help restore and maintain one’s quality of life; promoting healthy aging and independent living.

Everything we do is strengthened by the next generation of research, innovation and teaching.We are inspired by community builders like you, who are willing to take an active role in improving quality of life for those we serve; our parents; our siblings; our extended family members and/or our friends.


So many people of different ages and of various walks of life have been touched by Bruyère.

It's incredibly heartwarming to hear stories like that of forty year-old Tim Kerr or twenty-six year-old Caroline McGregor, who regained their mobility and their independence after each having experienced a life-altering stroke.

Or people like 88-year-old Mary, who fell and broke her hip, in the fall.As you can imagine, one of her first thoughts was that her days of living in her own home were over. Aweek prior to the opening of our new Geriatric Day Hospital, she couldn’t walk, but there she was, on the opening day of our new unit, taking some steps and being well on her way to resuming her busy, independent life.

As a supporter, your life has likely been touched, in some way, by Bruyère already? Perhaps you have a Mary in your own family, like I do in mine. Someone you love, who is fierce in their determination to live out their life on their own terms.

Your support helps to make these success stories happen.

Thanks to the generosity of our community and individuals like you, in 2018, we were thrilled to be able to:

  • Launch the Centre for Individualized Health, a first of its kind in Canada, offering people like you and me, access to personally tailored and focused care based on your particular health care needs and lifestyle
  • Purchase new innovative healthy aging technology such as Motiview video enhanced stationary bikes
  • Acquire advanced equipment such as a point of care handheld ultrasounds — yes hand held!
  • Celebrate the opening of the John and Jennifer Ruddy Geriatric Day Hospital


Our mission at Bruyère is to help you and/or your loved ones regain mobility and strength after a fall or surgery, through an individually tailored Rehab program. We also support those living with multiple complex conditions that require a whole person approach to get them back into the community. Our partner hospitals save your life; we work with you to get your life back!

The dedication and innovation I witness every day at Bruyère truly humbles me. The team is motivated by the determination and resilience our patients show us as they work hard to recover and get back home. Our team is committed to motivating and restoring our patients’health and mobility so they can get home and get back to living their life.

In our Long Term Care programs, we are home for almost 400 people, and we work with them to keep them happy and strong. We work very hard so that they have the best quality of life possible. Numerous initiatives are underway to bring joy and beauty to our residences.

When you think of Bruyère we want you to think about movement. We know, exercise, walking, moving your arms and feet is the best medicine.Years ago when someone was hospitalized, they rested, and rested and rested some more. They spent longer periods in hospital and shorter times in rehabilitation; some never had rehab at all!

As a research and teaching hospital, we are constantly learning, modernizing and adapting.And we now know that moving is incredibly good for your health. Movement will get you better and keep you better. We have been shifting our environment and care approach to support our patients to move in every one of our programs because we know it is best for them.

We also know that in health care environment matters. We are committed to creating state of the art care spaces, wired with the next generation of technology, creating spaces that are evolving and adapting based on the best evidence and needs of the populations we serve.

This is an exciting time for Bruyère.As we continue to map out our future, we are talking about how to modernize our services, our buildings, and we are thinking about the tools and technologies we need, to get there.All of this will happen so we can make movement and rehabilitation easier to do, for you and your loved ones, when you need it.

We cannot deliver modern state of the art care, in outdated spaces built decades ago. Bruyère occupies some of the oldest facilities in our region. It’s time to create state of the art rehab facilities and modern care environments that are bright, welcoming and equipped with the best technology to help take our care/your care, to the next level.

Your generous support makes an incredible difference as we work towards creating the Bruyère of the future.Thank you!

We are determined to continue our leadership in research and teaching, and developing all the programs and services needed to serve an aging population.

Today, we recognize that seniors in our community want to remain healthy and comfortable in their own homes. We are focused on giving our patients the care, the knowledge, and the confidence they need to live independently for as long as they can.

At Bruyère, we create innovative solutions to help people age confidently and live more independently.As an academic hospital specializing in complex and continuing care, we provide a safe and agile environment to develop and test technologies that will change how Canadians grow older.

Our mission, here at Bruyère, has always been to care for the whole person: mind, body and spirit. We continue to be inspired by the work of our namesake, Mother Élisabeth Bruyère. She and her fellow Sisters offered loving service to all who knocked at their door.All were treated with dignity, respect and compassion.Atradition we continue each and every day.

We are humbled by that tradition and inspired about the future for Bruyère. The simplest way to think about the role we play is that we are the bridge to home. We want to ensure that the journey for our patients is seamless. We are committed to helping you recover faster while surrounded by your family and our compassionate care teams.

With your help, we are focusing our efforts, this year, on three key areas: 


  • Brain Health,
  • Care of the Elderly and Chronically Ill,
  • Rehabilitation


Embedded in each of these three pillars, there is world-renowned research being conducted by our Bruyère Research Institute.


As our population ages, the number of Canadians living with dementia is expected to double over the next 20 years. Bruyère’s Memory Program will become more vital than ever. Donors like you, are helping us establish a brain health centre, to continue critical scientific discoveries. Together, we’ll help slow the progress of this devastating diagnosis.

With so many members of our community experiencing strokes and managing multiple chronic conditions, rehabilitation services are an increasingly important part of the work Bruyère does. Your support enables us to purchase equipment, pursue research, and develop stronger community partnerships to address the complex rehabilitation for those in need.

Your investment also supports new technology, and updated facilities for the Bruyère of the future: a state-of-the-art health care centre with the most modern tools and equipment possible, so our teams of experts can provide the highest quality care.

At the end of the day, quality care comes down to people.And I truly believe that we are fortunate enough to have the very best people right here at Bruyère.

This year alone, we’ll have the privilege of welcoming hundreds of students fromAlgonquin College, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and other academic institutions to Bruyère. Bruyère plays a large role in helping to train, teach and mentor the next generation of health care providers.

All of us at Bruyère are deeply committed to our patients, their families and to you, our donors. We are committed to bringing you innovative, high quality care in a spirit of dignity and compassion.

Your incredible support ensures we are able to provide quality care to everyone who walks through our doors! Without your continued generosity, we would simply not be able to provide the patient experience that we do.Your gift gives us the means to perform cutting-edge research; share critical knowledge; purchase the most advanced technology available and helps us to update our aging facilities.

Thank you for reinforcing our work. Thank you so much for your generosity.



Guy Chartrand President and CEO

P.S. You are such a valuable member of the Bruyère family. Thank you again for working with us to offer the best care possible for the people of our community and of our region.