Why Choose Bruyère

Bruyère welcomes the energy and dedication students bring in all health disciplines. Our affiliation with various colleges and universities allows us to work with students within diverse fields of study. Approximately, 1200 learners join us each year. We are extremely proud of our long history of supporting clinical education and learning. This is achieved through our commitment to excellence, education, research and innovation, and by working with patients, residents and their families to promote a caring and supportive environment.



"over 1200 Students come to Bruyere each year", "Students become members of teams in over 40 different positions", "Bruyere partners with over 6 schools", Bruyere cares for over 50,000 patients a year, "Bruyere Research institute has over 800 publications and 1600 academic presentations" 

Living in Ottawa

 On top of learning from a dedicated faculty, students who do a placement at Bruyère also get the opportunity to live in Ottawa. Widely considered to be one of the most scenic capital cities in the world, Ottawa is a bustling metropolitan area that close to one million people call home and, what a home it is. Ottawa offers something for everyone from urban charms to countryside delights. To find out more about what living in Ottawa is like, click here. 


 Ottawa Parliament Hill