Thanks To Bruyère – Miracles Do Happen
Sandra and Bill looking at eachother

Sandra’s first sound came as an early Christmas gift on December 21st, 2015 – just after her 50th birthday. We were in her room at s Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital, where Sandra was rehabilitating after suffering a stroke. She was pointing. She wanted something in the room...

It was the most incredible sound I’d ever heard in my life!

We have been on many journeys together, Sandra and I. Between us, we’ve logged almost 4,000 hours piloting hot air balloons. But although this new journey has been one of the toughest, it also has the biggest reward…Sandra’s health. Sandra was never supposed to walk or talk again. Thanks to Bruyère, miracles do happen. Less than a year after her stroke, Sandra was flying again in a custom balloon basket built specially for her. As we rose higher and higher, her smile got bigger and bigger.

The next time you look up and see a hot air balloon floating silently across the sky, think of Sandra, think of everybody you may have helped with your gift to Bruyère.  We balloonists have a saying which I wish for you; soft landing and gentle breezes.

Loving life partner,  Bill Whelan