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WHO Collaborating Centre Re-designated at Bruyère Research Institute


The Bruyère Research Institute is honoured to house the newly re-designated World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Knowledge Translation and Health Technology Assessment for Health Equity.

The Bruyère Research Institute is one of 32 Canadian institutions with designated collaborating centres, which support the international goals of WHO’s programs. Under this centre, investigators with the Bruyère Research Institute will be supporting the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas – developing tools to support knowledge translation and capacity building across the Americas. The centre will also contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-informed policies, programs, and practice guidelines.

As a part of Bruyère, the Research Institute has a strong capacity to look at the evidence on equity and aging, feeding into WHO’s Global strategy and action plan on aging and health 2016–2020 and the related Decade of Healthy Ageing, 2021–2030.

Integrating equity into systematic reviews and identifying evidence gaps ensures research and recommendations work for everyone, including the most vulnerable in our communities, and sees equity built into assessment, policies, and programs. Investigators will be working to impact care not only within Bruyère’s community, but across the Americas and the globe, to transform care for the better.

Congratulations to the investigators who move this work forward:
Janet Hatcher Roberts, MSc; Dr. Peter Tugwell, MD; Vivian Welch, PhD; Dr. Kevin Pottie, MD; Alison Krentel, PhD; Jordi Pardo Pardo; Jennifer Petkovic, PhD; Carol Vlassof, PhD; Reiner Banken, PhD; Alison Riddle, MSc; Alice Zwerling, PhD; Srikanth Kondreddy, PhD; Sandra Orci, MSc; Fawad Akbari MD, MSc; Dr. Gail Webber MD, PhD; Dr. David Ponka MD, MSc; Dr. Alassane Dicko, MD, PhD; Shehzad Ali PhD, MBBS; Dr. Patrick Okwen MD, MSc; Don de Savigny, PhD; Orville Adams, MSc ; Dr. Alba Antequera Martín, MD; Jason Nickerson, PhD; Dr. Husein Moloo, MD.