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Bruyère Village

Bruyère Village

Questions and answers

Q: What is Bruyère Village?

A: The Bruyère Village will provide a much needed continuum of services, bridging the gap between independent living and long-term care. It will respond to the wide range of seniors’ care and healthy aging needs.


The Bruyère Village will include integral and much needed components such as: assisted living, long-term care, an Adult Day Program (existing at Saint-Louis Residence), indoor and outdoor recreation, and healthy aging programming. The target population will be a combination of functionally well and the mild to moderately frail seniors (over 60 years of age) with mixed incomes.


The Bruyère Village will offer assisted living that bridges the current gap that exists in Ottawa between home care and long-term care. It will also invite seniors in the community to participate in programming offered through healthy aging programming to help optimize mental and physical function, prevent and manage disease, and promote full engagement in life.


Our goal for the Village is to provide the greatest possible independence and the highest quality of life through an economically sustainable model.


Q: Why a Village?

A: Creating supports for daily living, affordable housing, healthy aging and wellness programming are all components that will support keeping seniors healthy, active and involved in their community. In addition, a Village will be a starting point to address the Alternate Level of Care (ALC) situation in Ottawa. Approximately one in five patients in acute care hospitals are ALC patients whose health care needs could be better served in another type of setting – such as being proposed for Bruyère Village. Evidence shows that 10 to 17 per cent of long-term care residents could be in assisted living.


By 2031, the seniors’ population in Ottawa (currently 90,000 people) will grow from 12 per cent to 22 per cent. Second only to Calgary, Ottawa has the fastest growing seniors’ population in Canada.


Another interesting fact is that one in four seniors require support for activities of daily living (bathing, cooking, etc.), yet there exists a shortage of assisted living and other services that support nutrition, safety, companionship and learning for the seniors’ population in Ottawa.


Q: Why Bruyère?

A: If you live in Ottawa long enough, Bruyère will touch you in some way: through a friend, a family member or, a neighbour. When Mother Bruyère first came to Bytown, she asked “What do we need and who are our most vulnerable?” Today, over 165 years later, we continue to respond to community needs as they evolve, bringing personalized, compassionate care to seniors that ensures dignity and a high quality of life.

You have come to know us as the champions of our aging population – parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours. We are the patient and hardworking healthcare professionals that help someone’s father, someone’s wife, someone’s best friend slowly and steadily recover from a debilitating stroke and walk out a month later to continue to enjoy an independent life. Through our commitment to compassion and our community, we are offering an innovative solution to the changing needs of our seniors. You should not expect anything less.


Q: Where is the funding coming from?

A: Bruyère secured a grant from the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing program of $5.4 million. This financing is part of the Federal/Provincial economic stimulus program. The rest of the construction cost will be financed through long term borrowing by Bruyère and recovered through rents at Bruyère Village. A portion of the funding for the Bruyère Village project comes from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Aging at Home Strategy, through the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) for the assisted living services.


Q: How many jobs will be created by Bruyère Village?

A: Bruyère Village will create approximately 650 jobs during construction and 40 to 50 ongoing jobs once constructed.


Q: What kind of housing will be available at Bruyère Village?

A: Bruyère Village will offer 227 distinct units:

Six different unit types are available, as follows:


  • One bedroom with shared living and dining space
  • One bedroom
  • One bedroom plus den
  • Two bedroom
  • Two bedrooms corner
  • Two bedrooms plus den

Assisted living services will be provided to a number or residents (24-hour access to services 7 days per week) financed by the Champlain LHIN.


Q: Who will live at Bruyère Village?

A: Bruyère Village will be a compassionate and caring home for the functionally well and, the mild to moderate frail seniors (60+). Our residents will come from mixed incomes, representative of the community of Ottawa East.


Q: How is Bruyère Village fostering innovation?

A: At a single site, Bruyère Village will incorporate a number of innovations that are meant to improve the quality of life for seniors in our community including:


  • Three levels of accommodation specific to the needs of our senior population
  • Cluster Housing
  • Healthy Aging programming
  • Senior-friendly technology
  • Greening initiatives
  • Outreach and integration with the surrounding Community