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Your Care

Care planning is done with you and your interprofessional care team to meet your needs while in hospital.


Nurse writing daily health info on large boardCare Boards

You will find an erasable white board on the wall near your bed. This is a communication tool between you, your family and your care team. Your nurses will update this board at change of shift and as necessary to keep everyone informed. 

Always Practices

Bedside shift handover: The nurse leaving at the end of her shift discusses your needs with the nurse starting her shift. You can either participate actively or listen to the report. This is done to ensure that all staff members are aware of your needs and to increase your safety.

Hourly rounding: Your nurse will come to your bedside about once every hour to see if you are comfortable, ask about your needs and help you move or change position, if necessary. The nurses will also make sure you can safely reach your telephone, bedside table, call bell and any other items you need so you are comfortable.