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COVID-19 Stories

A tribute to our efforts and a testament to all that we have been through together 


March 11th marks the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, as an organization, a lot has changed - not only for our staff, but our residents, patients, and their families. This past year has been a year filled with uncertainty, change and fear. But it has also been a year of resiliency, hard work and selflessness.heart


Over 175 years ago, Mother Élisabeth Bruyère cared for some of the most ill plague-stricken victims of the typhus epidemic in Ottawa and rejoiced in this work of mercy, even though she feared contagion. Similarly, now in a global pandemic, our organization has continued her journey and has never ceased caring for those who need it most.


As an organization, we have come together to care for our community and have continued to serve our mission of love, service and compassion.


To commemorate and to tribute our efforts, we have compiled stories from our staff, residents, their families and more.


To submit a story, please email communications@bruyere.org.