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A screener swabbing an older adult's nose
Jun 3, 2020 | Research, News

An analysis of current trends of COVID-19 cases in Canada.

female physiotherapist assists male patient with balancing exercise
Jun 2, 2020 | Research, News

Q&A with Lisa Sheehy, Physiotherapist, PhD, Research Associate at Bruyère.

physiotherapist helping a patient with balancing exercise

Bruyère is recruiting for a large number of permanent full-time and part-time positions in a number of different departments and programs. Temporary full-time and part-time positions may also be available.

an older woman answering questions with a researcher
May 6, 2020 | Research, News

How does a pandemic affect the physical and psychological health of adults as they age?

Dr Claire Kendall
Apr 22, 2020 | Research, News

This work will help identify and scale-up interventions that can mitigate the unintended harms to marginalized populations.

a man reading data on a piece of paper
Apr 14, 2020 | Research, News

The website uses the latest data from Ottawa Public Health to build its projections.

A person reaching out to someone sitting on the sidewalk
Mar 9, 2020 | Research, News

A collaborative approach is required to build healthcare pathways that will end homelessness in Canada.

Dr. Kumanan Wilson
Mar 6, 2020 | News

Dr. Kumanan Wilson will evaluate Canada’s role in the global response to COVID-19

An elderly woman sitting in bed
Mar 2, 2020 | Research, News

16 years of demographic data reveals increasing complexity of residents in long-term care across Ontario.

an older adult sits in a carriage being pushed by a bike
Feb 25, 2020 | Research, News

Bruyère among top 100 innovation stories profiled in new publication Innovate Ottawa.