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Patient Going Home
Apr 27, 2018 | Research, News

Bruyère has been selected as the recipient of funding from the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), through their Spark Program and Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP²).

two woman each sitting on a chair looking back and smilling while a tv is in the background
Apr 13, 2018 | Research, News

Bruyère Research Institute (BRI) launched an innovative technology to promote exercise for older adults in Bruyère’s outpatient rehabilitation and long-term care programs.

woman name Simone Dahrouge is in front a of bookshelf smiling
Apr 5, 2018 | Research, News

A team at the Bruyère Research Institute is researching an approach that can help primary care patients access various health and social resources in the community.

Three woman smiling
Mar 28, 2018 | Research

BRI investigator Barbara Farrell and her team welcomes Dr. Ana Londoño from Spain as she completes a two-week observership at Bruyère.

Peter Tanuseputro and Dr. Claire Kendall
Mar 20, 2018 | Research, News

BRI investigators Dr. Peter Tanuseputro and Dr. Claire Kendall have been successful in their respective requests for funding from the Canadian Institute for Health Research.

Logo for Institut de recherche Bruyere Research institute
Mar 5, 2018 | Research, News

Through the HSRF Program Awards, Ontario is investing $27.94 million over three years to improve the health of Ontarians.

Patient Going Home
Feb 20, 2018 | Research

A new study from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) shows end-of-life care like doctor house calls or in-home palliative care could reduce the chance of dying in hospital by about 50 per cent.

Patients being presrcibed
Feb 15, 2018 | Research, News

A new guideline has been released to empower healthcare providers with the knowledge of how to deprescribe unnecessary medications in older adults with dementia, reducing potentially harmful or fatal consequences.

RTMP Team Photo
Jan 22, 2018 | Research, News

RTMP research group seeks assistance from federal government in creating a universally accessible medication information reference.