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A man and a woman are playing a game on a tablet computer
Feb 15, 2019 | Research, News

Bruyère researchers are investigating the intersection between technology and memory.

A compass
Feb 1, 2019 | Research

The following guiding principles are to be used in all interactions with industry for any potential commercialize-able or industry-driven Research & Development or Validation/Evaluation work.

A finger pointing to a sensor
Jan 18, 2019 | Research, News

Dr. Neil Thomas is leading a team that is using home-based sensors that may indicate a person’s decline in memory over time.

A senior man sitting in a lab chair with a research and brain activity technologies
Jan 14, 2019 | Research, Foundation

The University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) and Bruyère Research Institute (BRI) have launched a joint fundraising campaign for improved memory and dementia research

portrait Heidi Sveistrup
Dec 24, 2018 | Leadership, News

Heidi Sveistrup, PhD, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Bruyère Research Institute (BRI)...

Audience members listen attentively to a presenter
Dec 19, 2018 | Research, Patient Stories, News

Experts on homelessness gathered from across Canada to discuss how evidence should influence the way care is delivered to homeless across the country.

A man is standing in front of a whiteboard
Nov 26, 2018 | Research, News

BRI’s Douglas Archibald, PhD, wants to know if our medical education tools are working the way they are intended.

Four images of women with the Bruyère Research Institute logo
Nov 22, 2018 | Research, News

Congratulations to investigators Janet Hatcher-Roberts, Alison Krentel, Gail Webber, and Vivian Welch!

Five individuals pose in front of a banner
Nov 20, 2018 | Research, News

Thank you to Visavie, Retire-At-Home Services, and Revera Retirement Living, who were instrumental in connecting our presenters to the community.

The Access to Resources in the Community team is posing for a photo
Nov 14, 2018 | Research, News

In a recent publication by the Ontario SPOR Support Unit, BRI investigator Simone Dahrouge, PhD, discusses her experience with a pivotal question: does patient engagement in research improve health?