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Rétrospective de l'année 2020 Year in review
Jan 4, 2021 | Research, News, Foundation

Through adversity comes opportunity and growth—and we certainly experienced all these this year.

Dec 24, 2020 | Research, News

Despite all the challenges we faced in 2020, we are grateful to still have so many highlights to look back on.

Dec 23, 2020 | Research

Global lessons in community engagement shared in our own backyard

Dec 11, 2020 | Research, News

We are proud to announce that Bruyère has made the list of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals for 2020.

Nov 27, 2020 | Research

Bruyère RI investigators receive COVID-19 pandemic response funding

Nov 24, 2020 | Research

Dr. Mark Campbell among funded recipients

Nov 23, 2020 | Research, News

Bruyère flu clinics using new technology to run paperless mass vaccination campaigns

Nov 18, 2020 | Research

Ten years later: from proof of concept to national expansion

architect blueprints being edited by hand
Nov 6, 2020 | Research

Carleton, Bruyère, and CLRI respond to LTC needs in COVID-19