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A female doctor standing with a clipboard
Apr 17, 2019 | Research, News

In a recent commentary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Drs. Clare Liddy and Erin Keely make a case for the transformation of specialist referral processes in Canada.

A person holding an elderly patient's hand
Apr 16, 2019 | Patient Stories, News

The study is the first to examine which, and how many residents have DNR and DNH orders upon admission to nursing homes across Ontario.

Tim Kerr on a rehabilitation bike
Apr 15, 2019 | Research, News

Tim Kerr’s story is chronicled in Research Canada’s monthly report to parliamentarians. 

A female doctor is using a computer
Mar 27, 2019 | Research, News

In a first-of-its-kind study in Canada, researchers discover that specialist advice given through eConsult translates to direct action by primary care physicians.

A doctor and a patient
Mar 15, 2019 | Research, News

Study reveals that Canadian HIV care settings are adopting a patient-centered approach to complex care.

A senior woman is sitting on a bed in front of a computer screen
Mar 14, 2019 | Research, News

Article: Developing and testing technology to support dignity, independence, and the greatest quality of life for aging Canadians.

Three women are holding cell phones with the deprescribing app on screen
Mar 4, 2019 | Research, News

The Bruyère Deprescribing Guidelines Research Team has launched its app for smart devices.

A man and a woman are playing a game on a tablet computer
Feb 15, 2019 | Research, News

Bruyère researchers are investigating the intersection between technology and memory.

A compass
Feb 1, 2019 | Research

The following guiding principles are to be used in all interactions with industry for any potential commercialize-able or industry-driven Research & Development or Validation/Evaluation work.

A finger pointing to a sensor
Jan 18, 2019 | Research, News

Dr. Neil Thomas is leading a team that is using home-based sensors that may indicate a person’s decline in memory over time.