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Update - Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 

MOHLTC inspectors were at Saint-Louis Residence during the month of July to conduct their annual inspection, order follow-up as well as critical incident and complaint inspections. We have recently received the report from the MOHLTC and congratulate all of the teams for the positive results. The report includes one order issued in the area of medication incidents. The report includes other areas that we are encouraged to improve such as documentation, labelling, falls policy, etc. We have a work-plan to address all findings this Fall and work is underway. The MOHLTC inspectors recognized all the efforts and improvements put in place and how well we have been able to sustain the improvements. Thank you all for your commitment and your excellence.


New legislation on the use of cannabis 

As a result of the new legislation, we are developing policies and procedures to regulate medical cannabis and the recreational use of cannabis for our residents. These policies will be aligned with regulatory changes, including the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, and are expected to be completed by January 2019. We will use the toolkit provided by our association, AdvantAge Ontario to finalize the documents. If you have any questions related to medical cannabis or recreational cannabis use for our residents, please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Donskov or Chantale Cameron.

New physiotherapy services 

As of December 1st, Saint-Louis and Élisabeth Bruyère Residence will have a new team that will provide physiotherapy services. Until the end of November, Family physio will continue to provide the service. Rest assured that our residents will continue to receive these excellent services and we hope that the range of services can even be expanded. We will provide more details on this transition in the coming weeks. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Melissa Donskov or Chantale Cameron.


Continued education 

At the Saint Louis and Élisabeth Bruyère residences, we encourage continuous education for our staff members. Throughout the year employees complete individual e-learning modules and participate as a group in Education Days or inservice sessions. Topics currently being taught include restraints use, safe work practices, residents’ rights, pain management. This allows staff members to stay up to date and provide the best care for our residents.



New Roam Alert system 

The RoamAlert system is now fully functional at the Saint-Louis Residence. How does it work? When a resident is wearing a RoamAlert bracelet and approaches the front door, the system activates door locks which prevents the door from opening. As a result, a staff member will be able to escort the resident back to their unit safely and the doors will unlock. We are currently educating staff members on how to use the system during our Education Day sessions. The distribution of bracelets to residents is set to launch in November. If you have any question about the new system please contact Chantale Cameron at extension 2505.



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