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Bruyère Village

Our mandate

Bruyère is helping people become and remain as healthy and independent as possible through innovative and compassionate care, research, education and advocacy.


The high-quality construction and deliberate design to support seniors’ independence and safety at the Bruyère Village offers a warm sense of well-being and community living for tenants wishing to live independently within a continuum of care setting.


Our dedicated staff are committed to ensuring the proper support services required by our tenants to maintain an ongoing quality of life throughout the years within the same setting.


This sense of community and tenant engagement sets us apart from the usual retirement settings. We want this to be your home, your community, your future!


We offer a wide array of programs and activities driven by the tenants’ interest, ranging from small groups to community-wide events, through our team of motivated staff and volunteers.


Welcome to the Bruyère Village!