Bruyère Research Institute

Bruyère Annual Research Day 2024

Bruyère Annual Research Day: Imagine a Future

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Thursday, November 28, 2024
9:00AM – 5:00PM

Canadian Museum of Nature’s Rotunda
240 McLeod Street, Ottawa, ON

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Everyone at Bruyère and its Research Institute are welcome to attend. Registration is open until Sunday, November 17 at midnight.


About the Program

Research Day event is an opportunity to share and celebrate the research conducted at the Bruyère Research Institute and to foster a community of cross-disciplinary partnerships.

It is an avenue for those involved in research to educate, learn, and network with each other and to showcase the value and impact research has at Bruyère and beyond.


  • Keynotes and panels from our scientists spotlighting transformative programs of research.
  • Two poster sessions with time to network and engage.
  • Snapshot speeches throughout the day to give you a glimpse into all the research happening at Bruyère.
  • Reception and social to celebrate and connect with our people.

Research Day is a full day program held offsite at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Opening remarks begin at 9:00AM. Food and drink will be served throughout the day.

Come for the science, stay for the exhibits! The Canadian Museum of Nature’s free public admission will be open from 5:00PM – 8:00PM after our event program ends, open to everyone, no registration required.

Getting to the Venue

Find us at the Canadian Museum of Nature in the Rotunda on the first floor.

240 McLeod Street
(corner of Metcalfe Street)
Get directions on Google
Find the Rotunda

Parking at the Museum is available. Please visit their website for rates.

Call for Submissions

Once again, we are welcoming those across the Research Institute to share your research as a poster or 3-minute snapshot.

Submission Guidelines

Research Snapshots

Can you share your research and its impact in 3 minutes or less? Take the mic and captivate your audience!

Sharing the excitement and relevance of your work with a public audience is an important skill to have. The ability to captivate any audience can help you show your impact throughout your field of expertise and beyond.

How does it work?
A maximum of 20 finalists will be selected by the planning committee based on video submission pitches. Selected finalists will be given a 3-minute presentation slot to present live at Research Day.

Who can register?
Any student (undergraduate, graduate), postdoctoral fellows, trainee, research staff, or investigator.

How do you apply?

  • Submit a 1-minute video pitch. This will help the planning committee get a sense your research and how you are able to engage a lay audience.
  • Upload your video to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or a storage drive that allows for file sharing and complete the submission form by September 13, 2024 at 11:59PM.

Pitches will be judged based on their delivery – your ability to share the results and impact of research – NOT on their scientific content or methodology. The committee will be looking for how well you are able to convey the following content in a clear and engaging way.

What should your video include?

  • Your name
  • What area of research your project is focused on
  • What challenge/problem are you trying to understand/address?
  • What is the significance/impact of your research on patients, residents, caregivers, health care professionals and the health system, or the community?
  • This is your chance to be engaging and creative – avoid using scientific/technical terms and jargon.

This year’s theme is Imagine a Future – we are looking for snapshots to show the audience what will be different in the future because of your research. How will care be better? How does this solve a problem we are currently experiencing? How will patients, residents, health care providers, or our health system benefit?


Selected finalists will be notified of their success by end of September and will be granted a 3-minute live slot to be presented in-person on Research Day. The order of selected pitches will be provided before the event date.

Poster Presentations

Share the impact your research has at Bruyère and beyond. Posters will be on display for a half-day each and rotated midway through the event. A presenting author should be available to discuss their work during the segment their poster is on display. Poster segments will be provided before the event date.

How does it work?

  • Submit an abstract by September 13, 2024 at 11:59PM.
  • Posters will be selected by the planning committee and be on display for a half-day each with dedicated time for attendees to circulate
    • A presenting author should be available during their assigned segment – the schedule will be made available before the event date.
  • Poster set up will be supported by the event team and a layout will be available at the venue.

Who can register?

Any student (undergraduate, graduate), postdoctoral fellow, trainee, research staff, or investigator.

How do you apply?

  • Complete the submission form by September 13, 2024 at 11:59PM, indicating whether you intend to bring your own or are submitting it for printing through Bruyère RI.

Poster requirements:

  • Posters may be in English or French. Bilingual content is not required.
  • If you are bringing your own poster, you are responsible for bringing it to the venue and setting it up before your poster segment. Posters should not exceed a width of 4’ to ensure they fit our display boards.
  • If you are submitting a digital copy for printing, your poster is required to be submitted as a PowerPoint file set to 3’ x 4’. Digital posters can be submitted immediately or within one week of abstract acceptance.
  • Consult the template to guide your poster design and to access logo/branding materials. The template is already set to 3’ x 4’ for printing – use the last blank slide to begin your design. Content outside of the slide’s edge will be cut off during printing.

Download template

Selections will be made to encourage a diversity of topics and career levels while adhering to our venue’s space capacity. We recommend teams work to reduce submission/topic overlap and consider co-authoring a single poster presentation by combining similar projects.