Bruyère Research Institute

Life Changing Research Video Series

BRI investigators and their teams conduct life changing research every day. These videos provide a glimpse of some of the essential research happening throughout the institute. 


Dr. Frank Knoefel, Clinician and Investigator, Bruyère Research Institute

Dr. Knoefel's research focuses on the use of technology to facilitate aging in place. This includes the use of sensors to monitor older adult well-being in the areas of cognition, mobility and physical health. 


Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Investigator, Bruyère Research Institute

Dr. Tanuseputro's research focuses on 'Big Data' in health care to improve delivery of care to vulnerable populations. This includes building predictive tools — to see examples of these tools, click here. Those tools help care providers, patients and caregivers be more informed. 


Dr. Gail Webber,  Family Physician & Investigator, Bruyère Research Institute

Dr. Webber is global health researcher. Her work specifically focuses on helping to reduce maternal mortality in Tanzania.


Natalia Valech, Research Assistant, Bruyère Research Institute

Natalia is currently researching a technological solution to help families affected by dementia.