Bruyère Research Institute

Students and Trainees

Through our academic partnerships with the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College, La Cité Collégiale, and other universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world, BRI offers rewarding training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, summer students, and undergraduate honours students. We are committed to offering students a rich and vibrant learning environment where they can participate and gain valuable experience working on innovative research projects, further their academic careers, and have access to a wide range of research support services and networking opportunities. At BRI, students regularly participate in a number of academic activities including journal clubs, Research In Progress rounds (RIP rounds hosted by the C.T. Lamont Centre), Work In Progress rounds (WIP rounds hosted by the department of Palliative Care) summer learning series, the annual BRI Research Day, and bi-annual celebrations.

We encourage all students interested in joining our team to directly contact investigators in their research area of interest. You can learn more about our investigators and their research, please visit the UniWeb NetWork page.