Careers & Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital and Élisabeth Bruyère Residence:

Bruyère volunteers are an integral part of our health care team at each site. There are many ways that volunteering brings meaning to the lives of our patients, residents and tenants in all of our sites. 

At Bruyère, we highly value our volunteers’ involvement in a wide variety of activities, including but not limited to:


Interprofessional Unit Volunteer

The volunteer is assigned to a unit and works closely with the patient or resident, family and staff to enhance services on the unit.
*Please note that palliative care volunteers must attend a specialized hands-on training session.

Volunteer Ambassador

The volunteer ambassador enhances the patient or resident care experience at admission by offering them a warm welcome and providing a tour of the hospital or the residence.

Music and Memory

The Music and Memory program offers personalized music playlists to patients and residents.

Geriatric Day Hospita

With the support of the Geriatric Day Hospital team, volunteer assists with various tasks including accompanying patients to their appointments, serving meals and facilitating small group activities. XXXXXXXXXXXX

Therapeutic Recreation Services

With staff support, activities include: group facilitator, arts and crafts, knitting club, bocci, social teas, bingo, Javanese music, birthday parties, entertainer, dog therapy, manicure on wheels, reading group, cooking group, etc.

Friendly Visitor

The volunteer is assigned to one or two patients and visits with them on a regular basis, engaging in various types of activity like reading, video games, playing cards, watercolour.

Spiritual and Religious Services

Caring companions: Caring companions will receive specialized training in active listening skills and understanding grief and loss. Volunteers under this assignment will work closely with our clinical chaplains to provide support to patients and residents.

Chapel porters, sacristans, greeters and music ministry: Volunteers interested in work related to the chapel and pastoral ministry can assist in many ways: portering and accompanying patients to various chapel services and activities, greeting patients as they arrive for services, providing music for regular chapel services and sacristan duties which include maintaining the sacristy and helping to set and clear the altar before and after worship.

Eucharistic ministers: volunteers who have been mandated by the parish to offer the Eucharist can join our team of Eucharistic ministers and bring Holy Communion to patients at the bedside.

Palliative care
Volunteers interested in palliative care will receive specialized training and work closely with the clinical chaplain to provide supportive presence, active listening, and family support.

Memorial service help: Memorial services are offered twice a year at SVH and EBH. Volunteers can help with the planning and preparation of these services, as well as actively participate in the service by greeting bereaved families, handing our programs, offering a reading or prayer during the service and helping to serve refreshments following the service.

*Group possibilities: If you have a specialized skill like music, meditation, etc., please let us know and we will work together with our clinicians to develop a group environment (e.g. hymn sing, story of our lives group).

Beauty Salon

Volunteers help with transportation to and from appointments and offer general assistance in the Hair Studio.


The volunteer provides administrative and clerical services in support of the administrative staff.

Information Desk

The volunteer will direct visitors toward the appropriate person or department and creates a welcoming environment for visitors.


*Please note that additional hands on training is provided for each position.


*If you have skills or interests other than those previously mentioned or ideas for the creation of new volunteer positions, please let us know.