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Head shots of Doug Archibald, Jodi Edwards, Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, D. Phil Wells, Simone Dahrouge

Bruyère well-represented at University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Ceremony of Excellence


On Tuesday, December 15, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine held its annual Awards of Excellence, pushing beyond traditional boundaries to create a memorable event in unprecedented times. Despite all the challenges of this past year, this was a welcomed opportunity to put a spotlight on the positive and dedicated work of those at the Faculty of Medicine.

Hosted on a virtual reality platform, the event went on to recognize and celebrate “25 laureates notable for their outstanding achievements in the areas of research, academic publication, education, mentorship, engagement, la francophonie, and global health.”

Bruyère was incredibly well-represented at these awards, with the following individuals recognized:

  • Researcher of the Year - Innovation and Education: Doug Archibald, PhD
  • Early-career Researcher of the Year - Public Health and Epidemiology: Jodi Edwards, PhD
  • Publication of the Year - Public Health and Epidemiology: Dr. Peter Tanuseputro
  • Outstanding Service Award (Faculty): Dr. Phil Wells
  • Social Accountability Award (Faculty): Simone Dahrouge, PhD

Through a dedication to research, education, and learning, we see how our investigators are impacting the future of health care for our community. From equitable health service delivery to education and mentorship, these well-deserved award winners are creating tomorrow’s care today, and setting the stage for the next generation of health care workers and investigators. Demonstrating excellence in the face of this year’s many challenges is a testament to the quality of work these laureates bring to our institutions.

In addition to the Awards of Excellence, the Faculty also acknowledged exceptional efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the summer, the COVID-19 Recognition Program was launched to collect the stories of individuals and teams who accomplished extraordinary feats in operation and productivity, and who demonstrated outstanding humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Jennifer Hughes-Large, a family medicine resident with the Bruyère Family Health Team (FHT) and the first trainee from the FHT to be redeployed during the outbreak, was honoured with this award. She played a substantive role in Bruyère’s COVID-19 response, working as the primary member of the team responsible for collecting international experience and guidance, enabling the organization to effectively respond to the crisis at hand. Within days, her recommendations resulted in key operational changes that very likely saved lives at Bruyère.


Congratulations to all the recipients! Read the full article here.