Research Ethics Board

Research Ethics Board

The Bruyère Research Ethics Board oversees research conducted at Bruyère and the Bruyère Research Institute. Its commitment to the advancement of knowledge is specified in its Terms of Reference. The board has the authority to approve, reject, modify and terminate all research projects undertaken at Bruyère, its affiliates or any independent services/programs/centres that have an affiliation agreement with Bruyère.


Unless exempted under the research ethic board's policies and procedures and the standards of the Tri-Council Policy Statement, all research proposals involving Bruyère staff or patients must be submitted for review and approval by the Bruyère Research Ethics Board before research activities can begin.


The board is mandated by the board of directors to ensure that these research studies are in accordance with the policies, mission and values of Bruyère, the Government of Canada Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics Tri-Council Policy Statement 2, and with generally accepted ethical standards and standards of scientific research.


The Bruyère Research Ethics Board is multidisciplinary in nature and is composed of men and women who have a demonstrated interest in research ethics.




The meetings are not open to the public. Individuals wishing to convey items to the board should submit in writing to the:


Contact the Research Ethics Board Office:



613-562-6262 Ext. 4003



Gordon DuVal, gduval@bruyere.org

Research Ethics Coordinator:

Kristi Wilde, REB@bruyere.org


Policies and Procedures: 

We are in the process of updating our policies and procedures. For information on the most updated policies, please contact the Bruyère Research Ethics Board office. 



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