About Bruyère

About Bruyère


Bruyère plays a critical role in our region’s health care system by providing services across our:

    • Hospitals programs specializing in rehabilitation and complex care;
    • family health teams;
    • long-term care homes; and in
    • assisted and independent living for older adults.

As an academic health care provider, Bruyère is affiliated with the University of Ottawa. The Bruyère Research Institute focuses on finding our next generation of care for aging Canadians and vulnerable populations.


By the Numbers 

    • Total employees: 2,300
    • Total volunteers: 600
    • Total beds: 1,126
    • Visits to our out-patient community programs: 91,000
    • Supportive and independent living units: 227
    • Number of students trainees and post docs: 96 
    • Active research studies: over 180