Bruyère Foundation Message to the Community

In September 2015, the Foundation board of directors gave Peggy Taillon the honour of taking the helm of Bruyère Foundation. Peggy has spent many years working within the health care system in the region and brings a deep appreciation for Bruyère. Similar to me, we both learn something new every day about this very special place.


While the government funds essential services, many game-changing projects can only be realized with support from donors as our key partners. Bruyère Foundation acts as link to help provide our health care teams with the tools required to be able to provide the best care possible. We are setting out on a life-changing journey.


Bruyère Foundation is embarking on an historic $30-million fundraising campaign, representing the largest and most transformative appeal in Bruyère’s history. This campaign is about ensuring that we have the best minds in the world, teaching the next generation in health care, working towards the next discoveries that will change the lives of our patients and their families, right here in the nation’s capital.  The Life Changing campaign will also be about responding to the pressures in the health care system through innovation, adapting new approaches and bringing care closer to home.


We would like to not only thank our donors, but our committed board members and our colleagues at Bruyère and Bruyère Research Institute, whom tirelessly devote themselves to making Bruyère a place where lives are transformed every day.




Fiona Gilfillan

Chair of the board of directors
Bruyère Foundation


Peggy Taillon
Bruyère Foundation