Careers & Volunteering

Volunteers at the heart of Bruyère  

Note: COVID-19 vaccination is required for everyone who works, visits, learns, does research, volunteers and is a member of the Designated Care Program at Bruyère. This will apply except in cases with a documented medical or human rights exemption. Read the complete policy here




Volunteers at Bruyère are essential team members, sharing their time, energy, and expertise to help make each life better.

The people we care for, and their loved ones are with us for different parts of their care journey. Some are in our care at our specialized hospitals from 3 weeks to 6 months, and others, call Bruyère home as a resident in one of our long-term care homes. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with patients or residents and their loved ones over time and witness and assist with the progression through their care journey.

With the support of our volunteers, we can enhance the experience and quality of life of those we serve at Bruyère.


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