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Volunteering at Bruyère  

Note: COVID-19 vaccination is required for everyone who works, visits, learns, does research, volunteers and is a member of the Designated Care Program at Bruyère. This will apply except in cases with a documented medical or human rights exemption. Read the complete policy here


Thank you for your interest in applying as a volunteer with Bruyère.


More than 745 volunteers are part of the Bruyère family. Each one is valued and plays a vital role in providing exemplary and deeply compassionate care and services to our patients, residents, clients, tenants and their families.


As essential members of our health care team, volunteers share their energy, skills and expertise in helping us fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life of those we serve. Volunteers truly make a difference in their lives.

What does it mean to be a Bruyère volunteer?

 A few years ago I celebrated my 89th birthday. Looking for a new challenge after 66 years in the construction industry, I became a Bruyère volunteer at Saint-Vincent Hospital.


This decision changed my life!  



The people I’ve met at Bruyère have shown me the importance and impact of a caring community.


Bill Dawson is a long-time and dedicated Bruyère volunteer. Bill volunteers each week at Bruyère’s Saint Vincent Hospital to help patients communicate with their family and friends—sometimes for the first time—using technology.


He received the 2016 Service to Seniors Award from the Council on Aging of Ottawa. He is a most worth recipient of this Second Annual Service to Seniors Award, based on the leadership and innovation that he has shown and the very unique and significant impact that he has had on some of the most vulnerable in society. A man on a mission, Bill Dawson is totally focused on making the world a better place to be for people with chronic and complex illnesses. Bill is compassionate, brilliant, dedicated and charming; all key ingredients contributing to his ability to connect with the most vulnerable in society.


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