Bruyère Research Institute

Our Investigators

Martin Bilodeau, PhD

Martin’s laboratory is interested in issues related to mobility in aging. He is particularly interested in studying changes in balance and transfer abilities in seniors. 


Dr. Shirley Bush

Dr. Bush’s primary areas of research include delirium screening and management for palliative care patients, the impact of delirium on family and professional caregivers, quality-of-life assessments in advanced cancer patients and undergraduate medical education. 


James Conklin, PhD

James Conklin’s research seeks to broaden our understanding of the facilitators and barriers to planned change, particularly change that involves the introduction of innovations and improved practices into frontline healthcare organizations. He is currently investigating processes of social learning in communities of practice, and the implementation of evidence-based deprescribing guidelines.


Simone Dahrouge, PhD 

Simone’s current research is in the area of population health and primary care, more specifically focusing on the organization of primary care health services research and its effects on quality and equity of care. Simone’s main research interest is in understanding how primary care can be organized to optimize the quality and equity of the care delivered. 


Patrick Davidson, PhD

Patrick studies memory, executive function and emotion in healthy people and those with brain injuries or neurodegenerative diseases. To do this, he combines perspectives and methods from cognitive psychology, cognitive aging and cognitive neuroscience.


Dr. Hillel Finestone

Dr. Finestones research interests are virtual reality exercise therapy in stroke rehabilitation, driving after stroke, pain management and the role of psychological and social factors in the pathophysiology and subjective experience of pain, and technology-assisted toileting in stroke and geriatric patients. 


Dr. Andrew Frank

Dr. Frank’s research interests include novel oral and intravenous therapeutics in Alzheimer's disease dementia and mild cognitive impairment.


Rafik Goubran, PhD

Mr. Goubran's focus of research is centred on the design and integration of sensor-based solutions to support healthy aging. His particular expertise is in the area of data processing and acquisition from multiple sensors to provide insight into the health of aging individuals.


Dr. William Hogg

Dr. Hogg’s main research interests include performance measurement for primary care health services, the organization of primary care and improving primary care delivery through outreach facilitation. Dr. Hogg’s research is focused on community-based research, guideline implementation, practice behavior, health system restructuring, health services research and facilitation research.


Dr. Claire Kendall

Dr. Kendall’s research interests include Health Services/Population Health focused on the care of vulnerable populations and those with chronic disease, in particular people living with HIV.


Dr. Frank Knoefel

Dr. Knoefel's primary research interest focuses on the exploration of smart sensor-based technologies to promote the health, well-being and independence of older adults.


Dr. Peter Lawlor 

Dr. Peter Lawlor’s research interests include delirium in palliative care and pain assessment in cancer care. He is currently conducting a pilot study on the role of melatonin in the prevention of delirium.


Dr. Clare Liddy

Dr. Liddy’s program of research focuses on improving access to specialist care and developing services to support the prevention and management of chronic disease. Her current projects include: The Champlain BASE (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation) eConsult Service, Advancing Primary Healthcare for Persons Living with HIV in Canada (LHIV), the Improved Delivery of Cardiovascular Care (IDOCC) program, and the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.


Jason Nickerson, PhD 

Jason designs health programs that are evidence-based, sustainable and responsive to the needs of patients. Currently, his work focuses on three areas: Health systems strengthening in humanitarian emergencies; access to essential medicines for pain relief, palliative care, and anesthesia; and the management of chronic respiratory diseases. 


Beverley Shea, PhD

Beverley advocates to put patients first when it comes to research and healthcare. In her early research career, Beverley worked with the Cochrane Collaboration to establish the Cochrane musculoskeletal review group and consumer group. For more than ten years, Beverley has worked in community-based research with the CIETcanada.


Dr. Peter Tanuseputro 

Dr. Tanuseputro uses "big data" - routinely collected health data at ICES@uOttawa, to examine health care services and outcomes for the aging and those nearing the end-of-life. His major focus is on the intersection of acute care, community care and continuing care sectors.


Vivian Welch, PhD

Vivian’s research interests include the science and practice of conducting patient-centred rapid reviews to respond to decision-making needs at Bruyère and to support patient-centred care based on the best available evidence. Secondly, Vivian is interested in improving the reporting and analysis of health equity concerns in all types of research, from clinical trials, to guidelines, to decision aids.