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Fern Casey Thomson and Jeannine Benoit

Healthy Competition: Bruyère Wins Silver in Road Worlds for Seniors


It’s another successful year for the Bruyère Village team in the 2020 Road Worlds for Seniors! Overall, the Bruyère Village team scored the silver medal in the competition for the second year in a row, cycling a total distance of 12,825.8 km! The Road Worlds competition has been an annual cycling event since 2017, focusing on exercise for seniors. A little bit of healthy competition is good for everyone in this case, with the goal to encourage seniors to exercise and improve their quality of life.

Norman Côté, a Bruyère Village resident and regular cyclist, took the gold medal in the men’s category for the third year in a row. Overtaking his total distance from last year at 5,316 km, his total distance this year was an impressive 6,028.3 km.

Fern Casey Thomson and Jeannine Benoit did Bruyère proud in the women’s category, winning silver and bronze with 1422.4 km and 1311.4 km cycled, respectively.

The competition uses Motiview, a virtual cycling platform developed by Motitech AS to immerse users with video footage from around the world. Motiview was first introduced at Bruyère as a research project for outpatient rehabilitation and long-term care programs, and has since been regularly adopted into Bruyère’s Geriatric Day Hospital and the Village.

Despite COVID-19, the competition still had an impressive turnout of 129 teams globally, and has been a positive event for many of our residents and staff to be a part of this year.