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New home urine test shows promise in confirming ovulation without the need of a doctor


  • This study is the first clinical evaluation of a urinary home test to confirm ovulation
  • 25 women aged 18-42 years participated in the study
  • If urine test was positive, it confirmed ovulation 100% of the time
In a recently published study, researchers at Bruyère found promise in a new urine test that can detect women’s ovulation without needing a doctor. The clinical trial, led by Dr. René Leiva, consisted of 25 female participants between the ages of 18 and 42 years. When used in conjunction with ovulation predictor kits and/or Fertility Awareness Methods, the test was able to correctly confirm ovulation.

This new technology for detecting ovulation can have significant benefits for people trying to start a family. Previous reports indicated that 12%-15% of couples may experience infertility. However current methods of detecting infertility can be burdensome and expensive, requiring multiple tests and multiple visits to see a physician. A home-based urinary test that can confirm ovulation could help simplify the process significantly.

A urinary test to confirm ovulation can also help couples identify when there are ovulatory problems, allowing them to seek medical help sooner.
This trial will move on to a second stage in order to improve the accuracy of the urine test and to incorporate additional approaches to confirm ovulation.

Read the full study in BMJ Open.