Report to our community 2020-21

Bruyère Foundation

A message from our leadership

As we navigated the many unknowns over the past year, our community rallied around us, and our Foundation saw the continuation of our donors' remarkable support.

Your generosity has made an enormous impact. From donating personal protective equipment that helped our staff, to making significant financial contributions that helped us address our most pressing health care needs, we thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many.

As our response to the pandemic evolved, we saw the resilience of our frontline, and the many sacrifices they made over the past 18 months. Foundation staff were there to support them, managing Bruyère's COVID-19 testing centres and our vaccination call centre, stepping up to help run screening, and even being at the bedside, feeding some of our most vulnerable patients in the early days of the pandemic.

As we think ahead to what a new normal may look like, we take the lessons learned throughout the pandemic and apply them as we plan for the future - a future where we step up to meet the needs of an aging population by conducting research and providing care designed to improve and maintain their health.

Under the leadership of Bruyère's President, changes to our organizational structure rolled out this year in anticipation of the work we need to do to build the next generation of care at Bruyère. Part of this change saw Peggy Taillon move into a new leadership role within the hospital. As a result, we welcome Tom Hewitt, a well-respected community builder and fundraiser, as our new Foundation President.

Mr. Hewitt joins us as we get ready to launch the most extensive fundraising campaign in Bruyère's history, for our Hospital Redevelopment Project. With the support of our community, this project will see us modernize our hospitals to help keep the next generation of older adults healthier than the last.

Thank you for the many ways you continue to support us. We look forward to bringing you updates on our redevelopment campaign so that, together, we can usher in the future of care delivery, education, and research at Bruyère.

Daniel Fernandes
Board Chair, Bruyère Foundation

Peggy Taillon
Outgoing President, Bruyère Foundation

Tom Hewitt
Incoming President, Bruyère Foundation


Peggy Taillon Outgoing President, Bruyère Foundation Daniel Fernandes Board Chair, Bruyère Foundation,Tom Hewitt Incoming President, Bruyère Foundation