Report to our community 2020-21

A year in review 

Stories from the last year

Bruyère's COVID-19 Journey

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw how our teams rose to the challenge in a time of crisis to best serve our community. This video follows Bruyère’s COVID-19 journey, highlighting the creation of the Designated Care Partner program, the use of virtual tools to help keep those on our campuses safe, and how we mobilized to support our community through COVID-19 vaccination clinics. 




The Dr. Carole Wiebe Artist in Residence program: Integrating art in care

Bruyère’s Artist in Residence program is enhancing the patient experience through art projects that engage our patients and residents while beautifying our campuses. This video features Dr. Carol Wiebe who spearheaded the program and cj, the Artist in Residence. It highlights the interactive projects that were done pre-COVID as well as those completed in response to the pandemic and research on the impact of the program for patients. In addition, the program’s participants speak about what this program means to them and the positive impact it has had on our campuses.




The journey of Rob Cairns: one year later

Rob came to our specialized hospital because of his need for long-term ventilator care. Through great determination and a dedicated rehabilitation and complex care team, he was able to be taken off the ventilator and return to independent living. One year after his discharge, we follow Rob as he gives an update on where he is now.




Partnerships in education: a Living Classroom to train our future workforce 

In 2020 the Ministry of Long-Term Care launched a call to prioritize the education and recruitment of health care workers to strengthen long-term care and invest in a better future for the sector’s workers and residents. In response, we launched a Living Classroom designed to accelerate the training for new personal support workers in our community. The partnership between Bruyère’s Saint-Louis Residence and La Cité, with the support of the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care, integrates practical education sessions directly into the long-term care home to support workforce development in the sector through a culture of shared learning and real-life experience. This video gives a glimpse of the learning environment and includes interviews with mentors and mentees.




How sensors can help community members and their families face memory loss

This segment explores how technology can support people with memory loss and dementia and help their families and loved ones. We take you through the evolution of the Wandering Detection and Diversion kit from research settings to our Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, as well as residential and community homes.




Long-haul COVID-19: a story of hope and resilience 

Follow Karen Lemaire’s story as a COVID long-hauler and the long-term impact this has had on her life. Karen worked at Bruyère for 31 years and decided it was time to retire due to this diagnosis. As a health care organization that serves some of our most vulnerable and community members, we strive to understand the equity impacts long-haul COVID is having in our community understanding the effects of long-haul COVID is critical to supporting those who experience lingering effects. Dr. Shawn Marshall speaks to the research that strives to inform our care and best practices as they continue to evolve.