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Fourth annual Long-Term Care Educator’s Day


The Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRI) in Long-Term Care hosted its fourth annual Long-Term Care Educators’ Day at Saint-Louis Residence this past November. Participants gathered from throughout the province to acquire practical tips, tools, and techniques to implement during the training and education sessions in their long-term care homes.

Learning Day participant at a session

Susan Ogilvie, nursing professor at Algonquin College, delivered a plenary entitled “Providing Leadership and Mentoring Education to RNs and RPNs in Long-Term Care”, that focused on how to engage and inform staff to be effective leaders in a challenging role. Shoshana Helfenbaum, interprofessional educator at Baycrest CLRI, presented the plenary “Compassion in the Face of Distress: How to Improve Relationships with Families in Seven Practical Steps”, which included exercises to encourage empathy, understanding, and self-regulation skills.

In addition, six interactive workshops provided opportunities for further experiential learning:


In-Services: Short Time for Delivery and Long Lasting Impact! | Ruth Richardson, Algonquin College

An introduction to “Communication at End-of-Life: Educational Resources for Teaching Personal Support Workers and Others Working in Long-Term Care.” Participants were provided with activities and resources for five short interactive in-services on the topics of grief, palliative care, words that matter, empathy vs. sympathy, and being present.

Learning Empathy through Simulation for Long-Term Care Staff | Tracy Luciani, Bruyère Continuing Care

Through a series of simulation activities, participants were able to experience some of the challenges residents often face due to their health status; and explore how to teach empathy to long-term care staff.

Taking Action for Optimal Community and Long-Term Stroke Care: A Resource for Healthcare Providers (TACLS) | Marianne Thornton, Champlain Regional Stroke Network

An introduction to a new resource from The Champlain Regional Stroke Network, demonstrating how an element of optimal stroke care can be delivered in a long-term care setting, from in-service training to one-on-one micro training sessions at the resident’s bedside.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use E-Learning Modules | Marie-Pierre Dionne, Bruyère Continuing Care

This workshop provided an overview two e-learning modules currently utilized by Bruyère Continuing Care: 1) dementia; and 2) good principles in documentation. Tips and tricks for electronic charting were also provided.
How to Successfully Utilize and Translate Adult Learning Principles to Enhance

Training and Service Delivery for PSWs and Interdisciplinary Teams | Kim Fitzpatrick and Chelsea White, Schlegel CLRI

Based on the award-winning education program, Excellence in Resident-Centred Care (ERCC), this session provided practical techniques, tips, and resources to demonstrate how educators can utilize adult learning principles to provide training and in-service education effectively to PSWs involved in resident-centred care.

Teaching with Infographics | Isabelle Bossé, Bruyère Continuing Care

A live demonstration of the free software “Piktochart” which can transform the way educators convey key information to their long-term care staff. Participants left with infographics on how to prevent pressure ulcers to use as a quick refresher with their staff.


The Bruyère CLRI would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in this event for providing inspiration and for sharing your knowledge and passion! For additional information on these presentations or on other Bruyère CLRI education initiatives, please contact us at info@clri-ltc.ca.