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Dr Claire Kendall

Dr. Claire Kendall to support research on identifying strategies to help marginalized populations in times of COVID-19.


Physical distancing efforts, rapidly-changing information, and economic instability is having a significant impact on Canadians and their wellbeing. This is particularly true for people who are already marginalized due to loss of economic and social supports, exposure to unstable home environments, increased risks related to substance use withdrawal and overdose, and exacerbation of mental health concerns.

Dr. Claire Kendall, clinician and investigator at Bruyère, is part of a research team that will identify the consequences of the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic on people who are marginalized, and what interventions are best positioned to help. This will help governments and non-governmental organizations prioritize investments to better support these populations.

Both governmental and non-governmental organizations have initiated interventions to help mitigate some of these unintended harms. Dr. Kendall and her colleagues aim to identify which interventions are most effective for marginalized populations, and which can be scaled up to have a greater impact.

This research is funded by the University of Toronto COVID-19 Action Initiative.