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The Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Accessibility Planning at Bruyère

Ensuring that Bruyère facilities are accessible to as many people as possible is very important. We will continually strive to identify and remove barriers that prevent a person with disabilities from fully participating within our facilities, programs and services, policies and practices. Our approach to accessibility also goes beyond the identification and removal of barriers. It includes advocacy, education and research, as well as our provision of care and treatment as guided by our mission to improve the quality of life of adults affected by loss of autonomy or by chronic or terminal illness.


Do you need information in another format?

If you have a disability and would like information in a different format, please ask us. We will work with you to create the format that’s best for you. We are happy to support the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005).

Please send your request to communications@bruyere.org or call 613-562-6262.

Bruyère's accessibility plan and other accessibility documents


Ontario’s accessibility laws and standards:

Temporary Disruption Information for Bruyère

Any pre-planned interruptions to entrances, access roads, elevating devices or accessible washrooms will be posted on Bruyère’s website to provide public notification. Signs will be placed at the interruption site indicating alternate accessible options.

Unexpected disruptions, or disruptions where it is too difficult to post a notice on the website, will be handled with signs and/or Bruyère employees or volunteers who will provide alternate directions as required. The person providing the alternate directions should be able to communicate the nature of the outage and expected duration, whenever possible. Bruyère will try to ensure that multiple accessible service disruptions do not occur at the same time.