50/50 Staff Lottery

50/50 STAFF LOTTERY text on white circles placed on teal backgroundTake a chance... and help make a difference!

Bruyère is thrilled to announce the launch of its very first 50/50 Staff Lottery.

Through this new program, we hope to generate some buzz and excitement as we raise funds to meet the urgent needs across Bruyère. Every two weeks, on pay day, one lucky person’s name will be drawn. The winner and prize will be announced on InfoNet and our website.

To sign up for a chance to win, please fill out the form below and purchase your tickets. The more people who join, the bigger and better the pay day! Please note that participants can opt out at any time. 

Bruyère Continuing Care Inc.  |  43 Bruyère Street  |  Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8

Lottery Licence Number: RAF1232984  |   Campaign Charity Code: BFPP 


50/50 Staff Lottery Sign-Up

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