Why choose Bruyère

Bruyère welcomes the energy and dedication students bring in all health disciplines. Our affiliation with various colleges and universities allows us to work with students within many diverse fields of study. We are committed to excellence, education, research and innovation, and by working with patients, residents and their families, we work together to promote a caring and supportive environment.


"over 1200 Students come to Bruyere each year", "Students become members of teams in over 40 different positions", "Bruyere partners with over 6 schools", Bruyere cares for over 50,000 patients a year, "Bruyere Research institute has over 800 publications and 1600 academic presentations"

FAQ on student placements

What institutions are you affiliated with?

Bruyère has over 40 affiliations with academic organizations, including:
    • Algonquin College
    • Carleton University
    • La Cité
    • Saint Paul University
    • University of Ottawa
    • University of Toronto
    • University of Saskatchewan
    • University of Waterloo

For a full list of our academic partners please contact Kaitlyn McGuire at kamcguire@bruyere.org.

Can I apply for a placement if my academic institution is not affiliated with Bruyère?

If your academic institution is not currently affiliated with Bruyère, then they will be encouraged to establish an affiliation agreement with Bruyère.

Contact Kaitlyn McGuire at kamcguire@bruyere.org for more information.

What onboarding requirements will I need to complete prior to my placement start date?

All students conducting a placement at Bruyère are required to complete a Police Records Check and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Depending on the type of placement, the student may be required to complete additional onboarding requirements.

For a full list of onboarding requirements please review Bruyère’s Student & Volunteer On-boarding Checklist.

What type of placements do you offer?

We offer student placements (undergraduate, graduate), residencies, fellowships and observerships. We also accept CO-OP placements.