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Ready, set, go! Bruyère Village tenants place top ten in the global Road Worlds for Seniors Competition


Tenants from the Bruyère Village placed among the top ten in each competition category of the Road Worlds for Seniors Competition, virtually traveling incredible distances using a technology called Motiview.
  • In the team competition, the Bruyère Village team came second place, traveling 10,374 km.
  • Bruyère village tenant Norman Côté finished first in the Men’s division with 5,316 km travelled.
  • Jeannine Benoit, also from the Bruyère Village, finished sixth place in the Women’s division cycling 901 km.
Congratulations to the Bruyère Village team and our star cyclists!

The Road Worlds for Seniors event is an annual competition that started in 2017 with 1050 seniors from care homes and day care centers from five countries. This is the second year that Bruyère participated.

Motiview is a virtual cycling platform developed by the Norwegian company Motitech AS. This tool uses a chair, stationary pedals, and a TV screen to immerse older adults in cycling adventures with footage from around the world. Riders can choose from a variety of locations and seamlessly ride through any number of cities, from the comfort of their care setting.

Motiview first came to Bruyère as a research project and is now being used regularly at Bruyère’s Geriatric Day Hospital and the Village. Studies have shown that Motiview can improve seniors’ fitness and mental health and has been linked to improved rehabilitation outcomes and reduced falls. Bruyère is now testing to see if it can encourage reminiscence resulting in the feeling of positive emotion for people with cognitive impairment.
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