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Mother Élisabeth Bruyère takes step toward sainthood as Pope names her 'Servant of God'


What exciting news for Mother Élisabeth Bruyère who is among eight people that have been declared as Venerable Servants of God by Pope Francis this past Saturday, April 14, 2018. This means that the Vatican has begun investigations to determine if she is worthy of sainthood. The church must be convinced that she is responsible for one or more “miracles” before being canonized as a saint. In fact, among the others named Servants of God, Mother Bruyère is the only Canadian. The others named are from India, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

Élisabeth Bruyère’s journey is a remarkable one. At only 27 years old, she set out for Bytown, where she established a school, an orphanage, a home for the aged and a hospital. Two years after she arrived, a typhus epidemic struck Ottawa. During this two year epidemic, Bruyère and the other sisters treated 578 patients. Her compassion to the sick and less fortunate is an example to all of us.

Mother Bruyère’s legacy lives on with this recognition as a Venerable Servant of God. For more information, read the news articles below by Le Droit and the Ottawa Citizen:

Le Droit: www.ledroit.com/actualites/elisabeth-bruyere-declaree-venerable-par-le-pape-f16c2cd6c13997161a39bd8c0bd67e55

Ottawa Citizen: www.ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/elisabeth-bruyere-takes-step-toward-sainthood-as-pope-names-her-servant-of-god