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Bruyère receives two grants from the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa


This past February, Betty Hope-Gittens began an ambitious journey across the 800km Camino de Santiago in an effort to raise funds for the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. Congratulations Betty on this incredible achievement and your efforts to raise over $200,000!
We are so grateful to Betty and the Eldercare Foundation for having selected our two long-term care facilities to each receive a $10,000 donation. These funds will be invested into key projects that will truly benefit our residents:

  • At the Elisabeth Bruyère Residence, the donation will go towards furniture for enhancing the dining and common spaces in the home for our residents and their families.
  • At the Saint-Louis Residence, we will be enhancing our outdoor areas for the enjoyment and quality of life of our residents and families.

Visit http://eldercarefoundation.ca/bettys-walk/fundraisingannouncement/ to learn more about Betty’s Walk and the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa.