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Crème brûlée in a white bowl
Dec 1, 2017 | Support

St. Martha’s Brasserie d’Orléans and St. Martha’s Culinaire d’Orléans are proud to support Bruyère Foundation with a $1 donation being made with each crème brûlée sold.

Close up of a plastic bottle filled with a green liquid and a logo that spell Juicehead
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

Drinking organic, cold-pressed juice is a natural and extremely effective way to supercharge your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and concentrate phytochemicals.

four necklace with aech a ring of color, yellow, grey, pink, blue
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

GSS Flameworking has created beautiful Bruyère Circle of Care necklaces in support of patient care and research at Bruyère.

logo for Milano Pizza
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

Milano Pizza has been a long-time supporter of Bruyère through various sponsorships, pizza parties, partnerships and special campaigns.

book cover with the canadian parlement and firework. the word O Canada
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

A book that highlights the best of the nation and its capital. 

Book cover with the image bird view from the canadian parlement with Captal Builders title
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

Capital Builders is a book filled with stories about women and men, including Mother Élisabeth Bruyère, whose lives and legacies have shaped the capital.

Abstract painting
Nov 1, 2017 | Support

Mageda is an award-winning, Ottawa-based, mixed-media abstract painter whose artwork demonstrates an active physical relationship with her canvas.