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Guy Chartrand and three Bruyère employees
Mar 5, 2018 | Foundation

It is an honour for me to be connecting with you for the first time as Bruyère’s new President and CEO.

Peggy Taillon, Dr David Ponka and Claude Chapdelaine posing with a portable xray device and a tablet in their hands
Mar 1, 2018 | Foundation

Mrs. Chapdelaine donated money for the purchase of a point of care ultrasound machine that will be used to provide musculoskeletal care to patients at the clinic.

Henry Burris named Bruyère 2018 Ambassador
Jan 31, 2018 | Foundation

Henry Burris, CTV Morning Live host, former Red-Black quarterback and 3-time Grey Cup Champion was named Bruyère Continuing Care 2018 Ambassador.

A man named Tim Kerr with a purples shirt
Dec 31, 2017 | Foundation

One minute I was running on a treadmill in the ship’s gymnasium. The next thing I remember is waking up in the US Navy Hospital in San Diego.

Kirby Kranabetter sitting in a wheelchair and smilling
Dec 31, 2017 | Foundation

Mother Élisabeth Bruyère, worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community, and just like her, everyone who works here today knows we must care for the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

Micheal Milken and Karen Lemaire smilling
Dec 1, 2017 | Foundation

For years she laid in her hospital bed, unable to communicate. Her active mind was locked inside her body - an unimaginable isolation from the world.

A senior woman and a senior man looking in each other eyes
Dec 1, 2017 | Foundation

My wife Marion and I are playing backgammon in the sunroom. The light bounces off the Rideau River and into our home near Merrickville. This is the way we start every day. Retirement is sweet.

Sandra looking at Bill Whelan. They are in a warehouse
Dec 1, 2017 | Foundation

Sandra was rehabilitating after suffering a stroke. She was pointing. She wanted something in the room...

Crème brûlée in a white bowl
Dec 1, 2017 | Foundation

St. Martha’s Brasserie d’Orléans and St. Martha’s Culinaire d’Orléans are proud to support Bruyère Foundation with a $1 donation being made with each crème brûlée sold.

a young lady with a walker standing in the midle of a room
Nov 30, 2017 | Foundation

You’ve had a stroke.” These were the last words I expected to hear on March 13, 2017 After all, I was healthy, I was active … and I was only 26 years old.