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Lisa Sheehy pose avec Dorothy Shephard et Matt  DeCourcey

Lisa Sheehy, PhD, co-leads a Healthy Seniors Pilot Project in New Brunswick


On June 26th, the Hon. Dorothy Shephard (Minister of Social Development, New Brunswick) and Matt DeCourcey (MP, Fredericton) announced the launch of the second project in the first round of the Healthy Seniors Pilot Project. Lisa Sheehy, PhD will work with Tony Weeks, President and CEO of the Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging, located at York Care Centre in Fredericton, NB, and his staff.
The Healthy Seniors Pilot Project is a $75 million three-year initiative between the Government of New Brunswick and the Public Health Agency of Canada jointly led by the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Social Development and the Department of Health through the Aging Secretariat. It supports an array of research initiatives, and examines how governments can better support seniors in their homes, communities, and care facilities.
This initiative will be evaluating the impact of adding non-immersive virtual reality exercises to seniors’ rehabilitation programs at home and in long-term care facilities. Participants will receive eight weeks of strengthening, balance and gentle aerobic exercises using this engaging interactive technology. This may be helpful in increasing the amount of exercise they do as they rehabilitate from illness or injury. Successful Healthy Seniors Pilot Projects may be implemented province-wide, or even nationally.
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