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Researchers at Bruyère Research Institute awarded multiple CIHR grants


Researchers at Bruyère are advancing health research with five new grants awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research through their recent Project Grant and Operating Grant competitions.

These projects, collectively worth over $2.7 million, focus on areas such as equity in long-term care sector policy, pain management, and hospital discharge planning for patients at risk of fainting and for post-stroke.

Developing an evidence-base to inform retirement home policy development using an equity and diversity lens: A mixed methods study ($520,200)
Project Grant

  • Principal Investigators: Isenberg, Sarina R; Costa, Andrew P; Tanuseputro, Peter
  • Co-Investigators: Backman, Chantal; Beogo, Idrissa; Dash, Darly; Fisher, Stacey L; Johnston, Sharon E; Kehoe MacLeod, Krystal J; Kendall, Claire; Konikoff, Lauren; Li, Wenshan; Manis, Derek; Muray, Mwali; Patel, Kruti; Tugwell, Peter S; Webber, Colleen


Digital Chronic Pain Recommendations Map: Consolidation and Systematic Appraisal of Guideline Recommendations Regarding Management of Chronic Pain (e-ChronicPain RecMap) ($746,755)
Project Grant

  • Principal Investigators: Darzi, Andrea; Busse, Jason W; Cooper, Lynn K; Guyatt, Gordon H; Khalid, Ahmad Firas M; Ritz, Stacey A; Schunemann, Holger J; Swidrovich, Jaris P; Tugwell, Peter S
  • Co-Investigators: Bravo-Soto, Gonzalo A; Florez, Ivan D; Graves, Lisa; Hazlewood, Glen S; Hébert, Luc J; Iorio, Alfonso; Lacasse, Anaïs; Massé-Alarie, Hugo; Mbuagbaw, Lawrence C; Montalva-Romero, Daniela J; Morgan, Rebecca L; Munn, Zachary; Petkovic, Jennifer; Piggott, Thomas W; Rada, Gabriel; Roy, Jean-Sébastien; Sadeghirad, Behnam; Sud, Abhimanyu; Torabiardakani, Kian; Wang, Li; Welch, Vivian A; Zeraatkar, Dena
  • Administered at McMaster University


REmote cardiac MOnitoring of at-risk SYNCope patients after Emergency Department discharge - A Randomized Controlled Trial: REMOSYNCED ($520,199)
Project Grant

  • Principal Investigator: Thiruganasambandamoorthy, Venkatesh
  • Co-Investigators: Brooks, Steven C; Krahn, Andrew D; Mercier, Eric; Parkash, Ratika; Taljaard, Monica; Tanuseputro, Peter; Tarhuni, Wadea; Vadeboncoeur, Alain
  • Administered at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Volunteer facilitated Discharge Assistance and Supports at Home (DASH) for people with stroke: An effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial. ($790,807)
Operating Grant: SPOR Innovative Clinical Trial Multi-Year Grant

  • Principal Investigators: Nelson, Michelle L; Ludwig Prout, Brina; Sperling, Christina; Bayley, Mark T; Graham, Ian D; Hebert, Paul C; Kokorelias, Kristina M; Singh, Hardeep
  • Co-Investigators: Fralick, Michael P; Lindsay, Mary Patrice; miller, robin; Quinn, Kieran L; Ramsay, Timothy O; Saragosa, Marianne; Simpson, Robert; Thavorn, Kednapa
  • Administered at Sinai Health System


Towards next-generation AMR surveillance: Assessment of novel technologies with high-throughput and multiplexing potential ($174,369)
Operating Grant: 16th JPIAMR transnational call for research projects (2023)

  • Principal Investigator: Manuel, Douglas G
  • Administered at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute